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The Game of sexual experiences

Semistry is the app of sexual self-knowledge- developing how we understand sex, and ultimately ourselves.

· The Semistry Index holds the largest collection of sexual activities in the world- over 1800 references- organized by how common, uncommon or rare they are in population groups.

· Calculate your Sexual Experience Metric- SEM score- by quantifying your sexual history. The SEM metric is an indicator of general sexual variability-  each country has their own SEM averages and trends.

· The Semistry Diary is the evolution of the "Little Black Book"- a private way to track your individual sexual encounters and provide insights on the sexual part of your relationships.

The gamified approach creates a fun and rewarding experience where users can securely and privately review their own sexual history. By encouraging sexual self-knowledge, Semistry seeks to break taboos and promote tolerance, all from the privacy of your mobile device.

The Semistry Index

How do you quantify your general sexual experiences? By using the Semistry Index. The Index contains over 1800 sexual variables and activities, grouped by how common, uncommon or rare they are.

To calculate how common a sexual activity is, each activity in the Index is assigned a base point value of 20. The higher the frequency it appears in users sexual histories, the lower it's value becomes in the Index (with a minimum value of 1 point). This means that rarer activities rank closer to the maximum 20 points, while more common ones are assigned a lower point value.

Quantify aspects of your sexual partners to derive insights and trends on your individual sexual preferences:

"Physical Characteristics",
"Social Characteristics"
and "Jobs and Occupations".

Quantify the enviroments of your sexual encounters and adventures:

"Interior Locations",
"Exterior Locations",
"Famous Landmarks" and "Vehicles".

Quantify the sexual activities and situations you've participated in:

"Basic Activities",
"Kink" and "Events".

app introduction

A quick video highlighting the app and it's basic features.


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the app.

General Questions

Q: What kind of app is Semistry?

A: Semistry is a tool that tracks and calculates sexual activity- it promotes safe and private exploration of your own sexual history using the largest collection of sexual variables there is.

It is the evolution of what we used to call the "Little Black Book", organizing and cataloging our private consensual sexual experiences.

Q: Can I see other users or can other users see me?

A: Semistry is NOT a social network or a dating service. This is your own data, from your own sexual history, for you to explore and review.

We do NOT share your data and do NOT support any features that would reveal your personal data to anyone other than you.

Q: How do you use the data you collect?

A: The aggregate data is used to calculate and update the Semistry Sex Index. We calculate average sexual activities per population group as well as how they change over time.

The data we collect and use is anonymous and do not share our database with advertisers or third party groups.

The ultimate use of it is to generate and publish a world "Semistry Report" (starting January of 2019) with sexual trends and insights from all around the world.

Q: How "complete" is the Semistry Sex Index?

A: The Semistry Index is always evolving and expanding. We add to and update the Index every month and will be opening up custom activity submitions from within the app and the comunity.

There are some themes though we chose not to include, such as sex with animals, non-consensual sex (with living or deceased individuals) as well as clearly dangerous and illegal acts.

We work with sexual educators and researchers to help us create an experience that celebrates sexual diversity and the individual choices of consenting adults.

Q: Why are there two versions of the App and how do they differ?

A: There is a free, basic version and a paid, complete version of the Semistry app. The free version is for more casual users- with a shorter version of the Sex Index, it is a much quicker experience (5-10 min) and allows you to track sexual activities between 3 partners.

The paid "Research" version of the app is more thorough (30-45 min) and allows tracking for more than 3 partners and activities. This version also allows for creating mutliple accounts per device and requires login credentials.

Q: Can't someone just see my activities from picking up my device?

A: The Semistry app is always locked behind multiple authentication protocols on your device. These are a custom 4 digit app unlock code paired with your devices TouchID or FaceID security features.

The Research version of the app adds an additional level of privacy by requiring login credentials to access your account, which allows for completely logging out from the app on your device if you wish to.

Q: Do you have to be online to use the app?

A: After you've created a profile, no internet conection is required to track your sexual activities. Internet is required though for updating to the latest version of the Semistry Sex Index, as well as upgrading to the "Research Edition" of the app and using some of its features (like saving your data online).

Q: Why is there no Semistry app for Android?

A: Semistry is a labor of love for a small group of us- we are working as much as our economics allow. The Android app is coming.


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